The Correctional Management & Communications Group, LLC

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Company culture is the distinctive personality of every organization. It determines how members act, how energetically they contribute to teamwork, problem solving, innovation, customer service, productivity, and quality. That's what we here at CMCG embody: a culture that makes it safe for a person, division, or the whole company to raise issues and solve problems, to act on new opportunities, or to move in new, creative directions.

Every employee is a hands-on contributor, and everyone wears several hats. Because a company's culture affects everything in it—including profits—culture is the real bottom line. We are confident that becasue we have a well-developed culture that is open to all that its members want to bring, we can easily outperform our competitors.

Most important, our people’s leadership at every level — their creativity, talent and commitment to excellence — ensures that CMCG continues to provide the high-performance service, trustworthy information and professional service customers expect. Our culture is who we are, and we are CMCG.