The Correctional Management & Communications Group, LLC

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Audits, Security Assessments & After Action Reviews

As our core business model, we assess facility administration and management, the physical plant, institutional operations and services, inmate programs, and accreditation preparation. We provide fully defined risk management and security solutions that help to build a foundation for your organization's overall security strategy. We offer suggestions to minimize security risks. We provide complete assessments after minor or major lapses in security or disturbances.

We provide a comprehensive report of areas of weaknesses and corrective measures to avoid further occurrences relating to the following areas:


  • Administration and Management
  • Health Care
  • Security and Control
  • Food Service
  • Staff/Detainee Communication
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Services and Programs
  • Workforce Integrity
  • Detainee Discrimination


Our national and international contractual support of correctional systems, reviews and audits, places CMCG as an industry leader focusing on the technical and administrative resources required to conduct correctional program inspections. Our private partnerships and government contractors recognize the wealth of knowledge, collective experience and program diversity we represent as a company and we look forward to creating and supporting a plan of action to respond to your specific needs.