The Correctional Management & Communications Group, LLC

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Core Values

Our Commitment to the PROFESSION

We are loyal and faithful to our profession. We are committed to offering the very best service while upholding our code of unfailing honesty, respect for the dignity of the human being, and an uncompromising dedication to professional and compassionate service.

Our Commitment to the VISION

To offer the very best in correctional products and services as well as plan and implement the newest ideas and management techniques in the correctional industry.

Our Commitment to the GOAL

Our goal is to be a premier correctional management company focused on delivering cost-effective products and services to the correctional field through leadership, innovation, and teamwork. Our success stems from dedication to innovation, teamwork and integrity.

Our Commitment to the PRINCIPLES OF HELP

Honesty. The way we do everything. All actions accomplished truthfully, genuinely, and free from deception.

Excellence. The way we engage in all activities. Doing everything the first class way within the agreed upon parameters.

Loyalty and Caring. We treat all people with respect. We cherish them for who they are and the way they are without exception.

Profit/Professionalism. The benefit and gain achieved from right activities, both financial and personal.